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Person to Person (P2P) Health Interview Study

The goal of the Person to Person Health Interview Study is to better understand how the physical and social environments, culture, behaviors, and genetic traits may put a person at risk for certain diseases and impact their ability to respond to and recover from health-related issues. The P2P study links data on genetics, biology, and the sociocultural and physical environment to expand our knowledge about the factors that shape diseases and disease risk and affect treatment outcomes. In addition to demographics, the data set includes variables on a broad range of health behaviors and attitudes (including addiction and mental health), service utilization and attitudes toward those services, employment history, environmental exposure through work and home, and a social network panel that assesses the impact of social support on individual health. Basic physical measurements and saliva samples for genotyping were also collected. In collaboration with The Regenstrief Institute, the study will link respondent data to electronic health records where possible. Anticipating longitudinal follow up and future studies, respondents were consented for future contact, creating a rich, longitudinal, multi-level data set for future research on health and health behaviors.

The data is only available to Indiana University researchers.

The application package will be available in the near future.