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Irsay Co-Director Kosali Simon elected to National Academy of Social Insurance

The National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) has announced the election of Irsay Co-Director Kosali Simon (Distinguished Professor, Paul H. O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs) as a member to recognize her contributions to health economics and policy scholarship.

Simon is one of 51 scholars announced by NASI as the Class of 2023. NASI is a national nonprofit founded in 1986 to address national challenges by providing unbiased research-evidence-based input to policy solutions, and helping the public understand the vital role of social insurance programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

“We welcome our 2023 Members at a pivotal time for social insurance policy. We will count on our newest Members to contribute their expertise in building a more robust social insurance policy ecosystem that supports economic security opportunities for all and to collaborate with current Academy Members in pursuit of the same,” said NASI Chief Executive Officer William Arnone.

The NASI membership is selected each year by current member nominations in recognition of a scholar’s contribution to advancing knowledge in an area of social insurance. Besides serving as distinguished professor, Simon also is a Herman B Wells Endowed Professor at IU, a Paul O’Neill Chair, and the Associate Vice Provost for Health Sciences.

Dr. Simon’s research has informed economic and health care policy, with a particular focus on the impact of law and policy on low-income households and people of color. The Herman B. Wells Endowed Professor and Paul H. O’Neill Chair at the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IU Bloomington, Kosali is elevating issues of equity through her insights.