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The Irsay Graduate Fellowship

The Irsay Institute has inaugurated a new Fellowship program for graduate students involved in sociomedical sciences at Indiana University Bloomington to further the mission of advancing interdisciplinary research in the sociomedical sciences. The Fellowships are sponsored by the University Graduate School.

Typically the award will be for a single semester (fall or spring) and there will be up to four available in an academic year.

The fellowships are granted to a student eligible for G901 who is working with a faculty mentor, and the highest priority will be given to:

  • A student-mentor team who are working together on externally funded research or preliminary or pilot work in preparation for an externally funded research program;
  • Research with Irsay-affiliated faculty on Irsay priority research topics; and/or
  • Interdisciplinary research across the social, health, and medical sciences.

Graduate students who receive the fellowship will be provided a shared office in the Irsay offices in Morrison Hall and will be expected to participate in Irsay events and community during their fellowship. There will be monthly Fellows professional and research seminar meetings that include graduate students and affiliated post-docs and international visitors, and Fellows will be expected to attend and participate.

A committee of Irsay Faculty leaders will choose the Fellows from self-nominations by students that include endorsements from a mentor faculty member.


The fellowship stipend award is $11,500 per semester and does not include a fee remission. The recipient must be eligible for and able to enroll in G901 for the semester of their awarded fellowship.

The award must be used for the year it is awarded. A recipient cannot place this award into a "reserve status" because of receiving another award.


  • Must be eligible for G901 and able to use that the semester of their fellowship.
  • Should be enrolled as a full-time student for award year.
  • Should be making satisfactorily work towards completion of a terminal graduate degree. The Fellowship committee will contact the student’s departmental Director of Graduate Studies to confirm.
  • Should have a clear record of interest in, or engagement with, sociomedical research.
  • Successful nominees will have worked in collaboration with a faculty mentor to develop plans for a research project that will benefit both student and faculty mentor.

The current application deadlines are:

  • For Fall 2024 and Spring 2025: Jan 16, 2024.

A complete nomination must consist of the following:

  1. Nomination form completed by applicant
  2. Two- to three-page research plan written in consultation with mentor faculty that describes a research problem and a plan of action during the semester fellowship and beyond.
  3. CV of student
  4. Attestation by the faculty mentor via email (solicited by Irsay) that they have been consulted and are in agreement with the plan. At this stage, faculty mentors will also be asked to provide a short description of how this proposed work fits into their research agenda, so Fellow applicants should keep them apprised of their application.