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Profile photo of Cathy Pratt

Cathy Pratt

Senior Research Program Leader


Pratt’s research and implementation work has centered around building community awareness; providing professionals, families, and individuals with the tools and ability through training and coaching to maximize opportunities; and promoting policy changes. Her work involves taking research into practice, including the use of implementation science. She has engaged over 70 schools/corporations in this type of work.

Pratt has been front and center in Indiana’s movement to have an insurance mandate and to mandate first responder training. She took the lead in working around seclusion and restraint. All of these changes were based on science, specifically the Needs Assessment Surveys every three years and the Mental Health Survey in Indiana schools.

Pratt also develops, organizes, and leads training for nearly 30,000 people each year using the community of practice model to bring together parent groups, therapists, behavior consultants, and autism specialists. Along with Pescosolido, she was instrumental in bring Bring Change to Mind’s High School Program to Indiana, receiving funding from the State DOE, and working to establish and assess 40 programs around the State.

Pratt’s work disseminates information, professional development, and programming to ensure that research-based practices become common practices, and it is essential to the Irsay’s mission.